"These Curious Thoughts are a band for the 21st Century!" - Wildy's World

As modern-day pen pals, Sean Dunlop (US) and Jamie Radford (UK) have utilized the Internet to remain in contact and compose their unique songs for nearly a decade. Being separated by the Atlantic Ocean has had little affect on the productivity of this musical partnership. Radford provides lyrics and inspiration via email for Dunlop who then composes the music. Since 2004, Dunlop and Radford have composed hundreds of songs, and released nearly 10 full length studio albums. Dunlop performs their compositions live with various musicians in the Detroit area; currently with Sean Nasrey (Drums) and Dan Steffy (Bass). In 2006, they won all 3 rounds of the Emergenza Music Festival and received the opportunity to perform in front of a sold out crowd at the Majestic Theatre (Detroit) where Dunlop won best guitarist. 

Over the past few years, more and more music industry publications have been reviewing and promoting their sound. The music is well received and classified as unique and its own genre. TCT was recently listed in Independent Music New's Top Fifty Independent/Unsigned Indie Acts. Their Facebook global fans continue to grow daily reaching nearly 10,000 with the majority in India! TCT tries to put out as many music videos as possible. Currently, their YouTube page has over 50 videos and nearly 20,000 views! TCT takes their music seriously and is interested in partnering with those who are interested in helping them expose their unique sound to the masses. They are currently seeking financial assistance for studio time, music producers, mixing and mastering, video production, and marketing and promotional campaigns. Don't miss this opportunity to help bring creative and unique sounds back to the music industry. 

Follow the creative process... TCT is constantly writing and producing their music via Facebook. Click here to find out more!