1) The Stars 2) Better to be Human 3) Glass Horse 4) Souls 5) A Decade in the Shadows 6) My Lizard Preacher 7) Small Town Hero 8) Citizen 9) Life is a Lens 10) Every Day I Wonder ABOUT Celebrating 10 years as a composition partnership, Dunlop and Radford embarked to produce an album that had a little bit of old tunes and new ones. The Stars was a song that was written in 2005 and featured on Shock of the Cold's unreleased album "Reflections of Reality". Small Town Hero and Every Day I Wonder were also songs from the duo's backlog. Released October 17, 2015 Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 08/14 - 08/15 at Viaduct Studios All songs written, produced and copyrighted by Dunlop/Radford 2015. All rights reserved. Published by Monkey Chomp 2015 Represented by Viaduct Records Cover art by Hill Dunlop THE STARS Stolen someone elses thunder Rode in on someone elses storm Keeping two feet on the ground No longer gravity cannot Hold you down On top of the world and laughing Howling at the moon at night Getting something out of nothing Growling wings and taking flight Into the stars that shine Behind what is reality seeing beyond the universal And the lightest touch that sets us free Vitamin c and phds to be given Beliefs never known Wrapped up in a life Not satisfying On the edge of something Beautiful that cannot be described. Stop crying start smiling block out The ambulance sirens Caffine shakes and live wired Head shringing all the time. BETTER TO BE HUMAN Life in slow motion can have its flaws See something in the distance but you can’t change its course If you were invisible you’d just be ignored You’d offer salvation without any reward It’s better to be human Than super human Happy to just be myself It’s better to be human Than super human Happy just being myself There’s champagne in first class But not if you can fly Maybe live forever only see your friends And family die Maybe stop a train in the pouring rain But they still don’t run on time Telepathy is not for me I cannot stand the lies GLASS HORSE When this union begins to fade And the paper moon is torn Watch the world suffocate In a plastic bag So your ride a glass horse through the street And feel it shatter underneath Into the darkness Let the horse break Like the son your father hates When your arms hide your veins And the spoon is full of blood All you held will escape And leave you sad SOULS We can deconstruct reality and rearrange the parts Lets try to make this world a better place You’re in my thoughts. But the pain of salvation is written in my face With arms wide open, they reject my embrace You’ve been at war with your self You made me wear a crown of thorns And the iron throne you made your home Really isn’t yours, Even if you took it by force. Sketch your soul standing strong, this is crazy crazy love Give confession to a priest. Your soul hangs above You’ll be a ghost, a memory a voice in the dark And you shall dine in hell, with memories laced with bitter laughs You shall not ever rest in peace You shall never ever fall asleep Everyday shall be the same Everyday’s the same. A DECADE IN THE SHADOWS Can’t answer the phone My location’s unknown. They broke my bones And burnt my home, oh yeah. I changed my name They think that I’m dead. And nothing remains Never to return again. I’m living in the shadows Moving place to place. Living life on the run In the shadow of the shadows. I’m living in the shadows Moving place to place. Living life on the run In the shadow of the shadows. There’s a horse’s head And it’s in my bed. Red dot on my chest I’m infrared. I won’t fall where I stand I escape and make plans. To leave this town While I still can. Living life on the run In the shadows
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MY LIZARD PREACHER It began on a lazy winters morning, I was feeling psychopathic. I was an octopus in waiting, a paper-faced clown, a lady's play thing. She was my preacher, my lizard like creature, my addict and my teacher. We use to brew so well together, back when I was a boy. We drank together in devil's heaven, played with worms, and their toys. She was my preacher, my lizard like creature, my addict and my teacher. She smashed a talking mirror, with a hammer, the next day. I thought my knuckles had been broken, my scars, burst into flames! SMALL TOWN HERO He held the world in his hands But now his knuckles bleed He used to think he had it all But he’s had to sell his dreams Small Town Hero you’re a Zero When you moved it all went wrong Just another fish in life’s big pond Once he wore the peoples crown But now there’s no respect He can’t get laid or get good grades So he has to cheat on tests. Small Town Hero… Years ago he was in the flow But now the rivers dry Out of the groove not in the mood He stays at home, alone, at night Small Town Hero… CITIZEN Questions written in deepest red lost on careless hands The fiercest monsters from the sea drift across the sand People born in Galilee ponder problems shelved with lies Bony fingers grasp at throats so words can be denied I’m see through I’m just a citizen Fragile and in pieces I’m see through I’m just a citizen Fragile and in pieces Light a match across a tongue bursting into flames Body’s spasm like a genie contorted in a lamp Lungs made of heavy iron drown in a sea of clownsI made my home in The last days of Rome When the circus was in town LIFE IS A LENS Lady luck died laughing Rolling down a hill She kept my good ship sailing But now I’m like a third wheel In a sea of souls there are echoes Of a hidden past To know the truth you must look Through the looking glass Life is a lens That magnifies The best and worst of time It’s a restless tide You can change your mind But can’t change your design All the dogs were barking Howling at the moon Inside my mouth I was born With a silver tongue and spoons In a sea of lies I was baptised Hidden from the truth Never knew just who I was Or who I should ask EVERY DAY I WONDER Brittle and bruise but still alive There’s no where to hide Just like the suns which leaves the sky One day I’ll die Everyday I wonder why Why were we made to Die? A little confused but still I try I try to survive Can’t I ask the question why Why were we made to die? Everyday I wonder why Why were we made to Die? Everyday I wonder why Why were we made to Die?



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